Estate Planning/Probate

Our office handles all forms of estate and trust administration after an individual has died. We will coordinate all court filings, real estate appraisals, asset valuations, notices to heirs and public newspaper notices. Referrals are made if necessary to a Certified Public Accountant for preparation of federal and state (MA or RI) estate and income tax returns.

We service the following Massachusetts County Registries of Probate for your legal needs: Bristol, Plymouth, Norfolk, Barnstable, Middlesex, Worcester,Essex and Suffolk.

Estate Planning can be a daunting process.  We will guide you through the intricacies of planning an efficient, private and thoughtful plan for the legacy left to your children and heirs.  Minimization or elimination of estate taxes is achievable with proper trust planning.  We have years of experience and keep current on all state and federal changes which will effect your plan.

The prospect of a nursing home admission for a loved one is daunting. However, the prospect of a nursing home admission with no prior planning can be devastating. The rules and regulations of MassHealth are constantly changing and must be understood in order to properly plan. Our office can work with you and your family to provide the best care for the nursing home resident while preserving as much as possible of the person’s estate for his or her heirs rather than being spent on nursing home care. Proper planning can include gifting to heirs, use of trusts, purchasing long term care insurance or the conversion of assets to an annuity for the nursing home applicant.

Luke is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and theBristol County Estate Planning Council (past president).


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